goat costume

goat costume
tear me out
send the children away
    sleep, sleep
give up on me
    slice, slice

I'm bad, I'm wrong
    always, always
nothing holds me
    gone, gone
I’m a flame, in glass
    fraud, fraud

there is a truth
    liar, liar
I gave up long ago:
    damn, damn
I wanted more

the bad, the wrong
    fade and fade
hope will die
    die and die
and horror, grief
    always, always

be good as your word
    and give, give
be better than me
    do more, more
the fail, and lie
    and lie and lie

will not undo me
    not me, me
I stayed my hand
    I stayed, stayed
soft as a peach
    I hold, hold

I count for something
    six, five
I measure up
    four, three
not infinitesimal
    two, one
psilocybin syllable
feel everything


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Sunday, September 23, 2018

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writing by Greg Correll